My fingers can sit so peacefully on the keys of the computer, they do not have to move. Sometimes they kinda just go, “We would rather not move, it is nice just resting here.” But then I gotta make them. No, not make them as they are more than happy to type, especially if there is purpose behind the writing. But then you look up, they look up, and see that what they typed is actually about them and not about any other particular topic.

I missed London tonight. It has been two years since I was last there and in a kid’s head, two years is like the gap of time between your first day of kindergarten and your ability to know your three times tables and read the entire series of Grug books. Do not ask me what Grug is, but in summary he is a mop of hair that talks in a really basic way and he goes on mundane adventures that as children, we read about.Here is a photo:

So yes, London. Long time. Miss. Hopefully 2012 could bring an end to the dry spell. Though sometimes I wonder if it is better to invest money in a place I have never been. Is there only so many times you can walk along the Thames and sing the tune to the alphabet, which I might add, is the same tune as Twinkle Twinkle! Possibly, but nothing can take away at the magic behind sitting in a Roman fort in middle of winter beside Hadrian’s Wall and imagine a Roman soldier sitting there, 2000 years ago. How about I travel to North Korea. I hear there is a demilitarized zone and it is like Pleasantville.

I sat at the Tram stop today. I looked across at a sign that was stuck on a brick wall. Puffs of smoke came from behind the wall, a heated conversation.

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