The Book that always Helped/s

Seven years ago around this time of the year I jetted across the seas looking for answers and a home. In the process, I said goodbye to my concept of home, including my best friend at the time. She made a book for me that meant the world to me then and I found it in a shoebox (it seems precious things end up in a flammable and flimsy box). To this day the words still apply and they can apply to anyone.

What to say to you now? Am trying to imagine what this will be like for you – walking through those gates by yourself and then stepping out on the other side of the world… A whole new time in your life beginning. Completely out of your comfort zone, thrown into what you’ve dreamt about.
So just enjoy the ride Lloyd. Always remind yourself that this is exactly where you’re meant to be in your journey,and be at peace in that.
Your soul is so beautiful. I know that you will get through this and grow. You’ll do something amazing with your life. Something worthwhile.
You’re a safe place – there’s been so many times you’ve been there, holding broken people and being the comfort they needed.
You are a creative force. You have a unique ability to express what is at the deepest part of a human being. You also have a gift in creating stupidity and laughter!
You are intelligent. You’re organised and focussed when approaching the work you need to do.
You are a man, cause you’re going out to be independent, to make your way in the world.
You’re a man cause you answer to yourself, but also sacrifice yourself to take care of the people you love.
Many years have now passed and when I look back on this again I will laugh when I said “many years have passed” compared to when I do read this again.
I also found a key to the apartment I lived in, in London.

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