Wind can be strong.

Our balcony didn’t do this, we also do not live in a hotel.

A set of strong winds just hit. That led to a flat piece of wooden furniture on the balcony flying over and down into the downstairs neighbours balcony. It was a considerate enough piece of furniture to land down on that balcony and not one to the left. The one to the left has a giant glass table. I think it is karma, since I rescued this piece of furniture out of the gutter. Somehow Cal let me.

The only problem is that these neighbours are the ones we think dobbed on us about having some items in our parking spot downstairs. This will just give them fuel. So I wrote a letter in my twelve-year-old looking writing, and sticky taped it to their front door, saying sorry and stuff and hoping to get the gutter furniture back. Then swiftly walked away, in case they were home and caught me. Which would mean an actual conversation, we dont want that.

Ok the word furniture is a loose term. Its a few planks of wood nailed together that leans against our wall on the balcony. Probably why it was in the gutter, waiting for the garbage truck. It weighs about 15 KG, and somehow still got over the balcony railing. It totally would have killed anyone, if they had been basking in the rain and wind below. Thankfully no one was, though a snail COULD have been. Or an overfed dog.

I returned home a little later, with the piece of wood leaning against our front door. Saved. Now to find some kind of strap in the street to fasten it to the wall.

The junk wood left against our door by the neighbour.

It is an odd time of year.


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