The Shortest Month of the Year

You would think that the least happens in the shortest month, and even more so within 6 days of the shortest month, but I get the feeling that is incorrect. Why do I get that feeling…

Am I talking about the latest set of insects to wander onto the balcony, the sad looking bean plant that has been scorched by the sun, or the resignation of a Pope? Hmm these all happened, and I dont rate them in any particular order.

I tried this new soup? It tastes like it has fetta, harissa and tomato in it, I look at the packaging and yes, all of these ingredients reside in the soup. Well reside, for a while at least. Fetta melts when heated and so it resides in its form for only a little while, then gently makes the rest of the soup more orange than red. I dont know why I am talking about soup, and nor do I know why I am prolonging a mystery and setting something up, when I cannot talk about it. Not yet anyways. So if you were expecting more, maybe soon. But then I maybe promising, not 100% promising. I am not even sure if you can semi promise something.

Anyone else?

A group email went around the other day at work. And someone placed a graphic that was two fingers crossing, which everyone interprets to mean “fingers crossed”. I felt I should reply all with:

No one got it.


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