When you are little, one of the first words you are taught, in Australian English anyways, is the word, “Ta”. A simplified version of “thank you”, it is one of the first things parents want to teach their child. To be grateful. Naturally a year or so later, we graduate to the complete expression and the word disappears from our general vocabulary.

But something I have found fascinating, and probably only me who does think this is fascinating, is this word comes back later in life. I could be completely wrong, like when I swore He-Man was based on a real person. I began to note down a theory that a lot of Australian men between the age of about 30 and 45, casually say the word “ta” in everyday conversation.

Here is an example I have scientifically noted down for you:

“Hey mate, can I have a sausage roll please, with sauce.”

“Sure” *gets sausage roll*


I began to notice this about five years ago and would tell people this. They would go, “Oh ok, cool!”.

Then came the day, only a few months ago, as a newbie to the decade that is the thirties, where I accepted a coffee at the local coffee shop and without thinking…  I said “ta”. I was thankful and now in an Australian male in his 30’s type of way.

Life huh.




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