July. It is cold.

If there was a swamp nearby, I don’t know if I would swim in it. But if there was a staircase to a better place, I don’t think I would climb it. It would take me away from here. Do I want to stay here? Yep, where else is going to make me, me?

You can feel like you can run up a wall, do a flip, then return, effortlessly. Though try it. First time, you will pretty much break your back. I havent tried, otherwise I would be writing about a broken back. We dont want that.

Scented candles, are fine. They smell good for a while, then they just become overpowering, you forget you have them lit and walk out of the room. Stinky AND dangerous. That is why I don’t buy then, ALL the time. Just on Wednesdays.

Where did we go on the weekend? There was that place we ate, with the wooden cutlery that you placed in the compost on your way out. They had grass skirts.

This wall, it represented something. To the people on either side, it meant different things. One, freedom. The other, oppression.

Washington DC


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