Three Stories

When you look, you find what you expect. When you focus on what is given to you, then the stories start to unfold.

The past few months have become filled with stories. Not the type necessarily to always tell others, but the type that simply tell you more about who you are and so you can better help and encourage those around you. That sounds like a lot of wank. I know. I guess that is a way of saying, I do not want to share all, as it is not always for others to know.

One story, is of love. One story is of sadness. One story, is of challenge. You could say that all three could mix to become the one story, to make them three dimensional and true to life. And you cannot have one without the other, without the other. And all three stories, are not over yet. THE story, is not over.

But beyond the tease, of what they are, are the little everyday observations, conversations and events that create those stories.

Close up, an ant walking along the rim of the glass I used to drink orange juice, drawn to the sweet smell.

Far away, the hills in the distance that I have seen since I was little, from the upstairs window where I grew up. The smell of dusty carpet and newly painted rooms next door.

May these next few months, next few years, continue to inspire me and encourage others. Let us all continue to do what we love doing.



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