In. Two. Minds.

  1.  I lose my job in three months.
  2. I have debt.
  3. I have heartache.
  4. I open up the news, its filled with fear.
  5. Family have told me that who I am is not right. Its wrong.
  6. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am drained and tired very often.
  7. I dont know who God is anymore.
  8. I try to write, and stop. I try to create, and pause.


  1. I can do anything I want next year. I can travel, I can write, I can take on new adventures with work.
  2. I have money to eat good food, live in a comfy home in a safe place.
  3. I have been loved, and loved. And will love again.
  4. I open up books, and there is so much hope.
  5. Family have told me that they love me no matter what. Friends fill me with joy.
  6. I am fit and healthy. Focussing on my health, also makes me mentally strong and happy.
  7. God is there. My faith is not dead. And will continue to discover.
  8. I write and keep going. I create and get to encourage others, usually when I don’t realise.


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  1. Hi Lloyd. I just finished reading your entire blog. These past 11 years have been a worldwind journey for you with full of ups and downs. At least from your writing and photos, you seem such a kind, good-hearted, and positive person. I enjoy your writing very much. Sometimes, they seemed so personal that I felt I had trespassed on something I shouldn’t have read but I could not stop reading. Your stories were immensely pleasurable to read, almost like a novel with full of humor, wit and charm but also with sadness and pain. I did learn a lot from you about a different world from where I live. I hope you continue to write because you are excellent at it and I hope that you found that new job. Happy new year wherever you may be. Cheers.

    • Hey Eric. That is incredible you have spent the time to read my whole blog. Thank you. And your words are encouraging and supportive, it means more than you know.

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