I am only using the word ‘dappled’ cause I like it. And it makes me instantly think of sunshine gently seeping through bright, soft, green leaves, that have just stretched out into the breeze. Dappled light. And it is summer. And I have not spoken on here since Spring.

I no longer have a job, and I am on a hiatus I guess. Enjoying the time, which feels so wide and ever present, but then so brisk. Struggling to catch up, I tell myself I need to plan, need to make use of time. Then I try and remember Christmas, two weeks ago. And I do, and it was outside in the bush, with family and warmth. Then a stroll by the beach, where a dog said hello.

It is still sinking in, saying goodbye to my work family, and the unique and lucky ride I had there. But things will be OK.

The next few months are important. And a gift.




3 thoughts on “Dappled

  1. James Baxter says:

    Stay positive…. life is a journey we need to enjoy ☺ sometimes too much emphasis gets put on work & the important things fall away….. good luck buddy……

  2. Nick Lepp says:

    I heard that things are..challenging right now. Of all the stupid things in my life that I regret, I wish I had understood my anxiety enough to communicate more openly with you. I wish I had told you how much I love you more often. Recall the guy who came to Melbourne 7 years ago and remind yourself a little bit of him. He could do anything. Be well.

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