Waiting Game – 10th September 2008

Well, I was meant to be informed today whether I had a job. It is 5pm, and no call.. The feeling of being anxious all day sucks, but it is comforted usually, knowing the anxiety will end at least during the day when you hear a yes or no. But nah its worse when there is no answer at all..
I sent them an email. Will see how that goes.

Well, the afternoon went really well in the end. Mum saw her granddaughter, My grandparents saw their GREAT granddaughter and I sat there and watched and had a ham sandwich. I did not choke though. The tension didnt really exist, so was quite well played out.

Day began with.. well my windows starting up at 1:30am with the speakers up loud, cause my pc decided to reboot on me. Got back to sleep, and then at 7am, got up, Mum and I drove my sister to the train station (a total of 1 minute) and then headed to Cronulla, as Jono had arranged to meet me at the gym. I left Mum to her own devices, whatever they were and met Jono. Intense workout, and learnt a new manouvre (spelling?) which I got excited about. This is a sad sign… No awkward gym man today either. But the guy at the counter is creepy still. Today I chose to not look him in the eye and walked straight through. He didnt appreciate that I believe.

Then left Jono, and met up with Mum. We walked along the beach road, past 5 women in black leggings jogging up and down some stairs, with their skim lattes beside their 4WD big fuck off wheeled prams, all in a line, like the babies were queuing for babycinos. They gave us odd looks. Why? Probably cause we took up their space on the stairs. What dicks we are.

Nice walk and stroll to the next beach and back, random surfers sitting and watching the massive surf. Can never understand why they can sit there for hours stairing at it.. Whether its cause they feel pressured into it, like some sort of religion, or just looking at where they would surf. I will walk past them and just hop or something.

Went to the dreaded shopping centre of the local area with mother after that. I love walking past hand cream sample people. They look at me and go, no he wont want hand cream, and ignore me. Though today, I forgot that I was with a female. A lesbian one, but they didnt need to know that, so approached her with the cream. “It is from the dead sea” “Oh ok.. .. lovely”. Damn, she was hooked, even if she didnt want to be. She claimed to the man, who was obviously here on a working holiday visa, she had no money. Nah, this was relevant. I stood 10 metres away, pretending not to know her. 5 minutes later, the salesman accepted that she had no money, and she got away. She purchased some orchids, that had WAY too much water in them and spilt all over our already shit covered backseat of the car. Precious.

Arrived at the house, and Mum and I went in. It didnt seem that uncomfortable. Though Mum was sitting on the lounge and it snapped. I kind of stood there trying not to laugh, while my sister in law’s mum lifted up the lounge and examined the protruding leg of the lounge, crumpled. “Ermm… lets get a brick to prop it up!” Good problem solving I say.

Got back home and we watched “Jam and Jerusalem”. A BBC show about quirky women in a quirky country town. We laughed. British seem to make even the serious stuff funny.

I wont tell you what I am wearing, its boring.

Blurry, like the day.

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