Score… – 11th September 2008

Started off heading to gym, different gym and without Jono. Walked into change rooms just as some guy was walking to the showers. Was given a strange look by him.. I looked at a clothes hook.

Met up with mum after. I am sounding like a mothers boy in these episodes… Then headed back home. We went via our old church, my brother is building up there. Was rather weird seeing her there, since its been 3 years since I have seen her there. Women’s Bible Study was on, but Mum managed to avoid everyone, haha would have been such an exciting situation if they had seen her.

Got home and Chem called me, asking to go to the beach. I turned it down at first cause thought Mum would be a bit of a nigel (a person with no friends in Australia). But said yes after she said it was fine, she would sew. As you do!

So Chem picked me up, and we headed to Cronulla, the closest beach to us. Not the best though. We lay on the sand, and then I got the call. Lloyd, you have a job. Sweet! Chem continued to throw sand on me while I spoke on the phone about the terms etc. I start tomorrow. Sounds quite cool. We played some frisbee, and I managed to throw left handed, but then managed not to. We jumped into the freezing water, we are way too positive about the warm weather. But the main purpose was cause we needed to piss and couldnt be bothered finding toilets. Nice info hey.

A guy walked past us on the beach, we were having the debate whether he liked boys or not. Chem dared me to whistle at him, and so we both pretended to do it, but didnt realise the wind makes noise travel and he looked at us. He kept looking back.. and kept walking. Ten minutes later, he was back walking the other way along the beach. We did the whistle again hehe but he tried not to look back, and then sat 100 metres down the beach from us. We considered saying hello, just to be silly, but then realised we would have to walk back again, so no.

Mum is cooking Lasagne tonight. Our family has long been persecuted for the way we pronounce “lasagne”. We say.. “Las-on-ya” Though out of protest now, I say it properly. It took a lot of effort, but I am mostly there.

We have to vote this weekend for local government, and I got no idea… My sister just asked me to go with her to the prepoll place cause she will be away on Saturday and you are fined if you dont vote. I said no, cause I didnt want to. She looked upset and left, guilt trip?

So tomorrow is Day One… I will wear jeans, a shirt and shoes. And already been informed of work drinks, so this should be interesting. Either a bunch of akward chats over champagne, or hey, great chats with great people?

Lasonya is almost ready. For now.

Have added another photo from yesterday, Mum, Nan, Poppy and I, from Mum’s camera. Non blurry.


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