First Day and Models

So Friday morning.

I got the train in and the guy opposite me was eating egg salad with apple and creamy mayonaise, time was 7:30am. Got off the train and I timed how long it took to walk from Central to my new work. Course I got there early, so sat in the park right nearby and read for a while.
The time came and I walked up the stairs, looking at them going, “I wonder if you and I will become best friends, being so close and seeing each other everyday.” Yeah I admit this.

Said hello to the girl who is leaving that day, who’s job I would be taking over and sat down with her to begin the day of intense “this is how we do this..” And yup, my mind hurt by the end of that day. Highlights of day one included:

– Standing awkwardly at evening drinks not knowing anyone and wondering who I could approach and talk to. I spoke to three germans, barely understanding their accents so nodded and said “ja”. A group of girls spoke about finger puppet porn, I didnt really contribute to the conversation. But everyone is so nice, so it wasnt akward as such, just the feeling of being the new kid.

– Finding the bathroom, and then once finding it, opening the door to accidently walk in on a guy, so backed out before he noticed. I hadnt met him yet which was a tad handy.

– Being called “the new Jen” the whole day

I never said these highlights were good or bad.

So overall, good start and I wont make much of a judgement just yet.

I got home, and Neal came over to hang out. We didnt do much and crashed early.

I got up this morning to the sound of machines and hammering inside my cupboard, though really was in the floor. My brother and his mates were demolishing a wall downstairs. Good wake up call I reckon on a Saturday morning, roughly around 7am. Though I had to work on another job so was all good. Neal decided to tag along with me for the day, which was good company.

Ok, so I work casually for a company working on “Make Me A Supermodel”. I have worked as a tape runner for the day a few times for the cash, its good cash. So today involved going back and forth between the post house and location. We did it about 6 times today and there was a lot of waiting around. Spoke to some of the models sometimes who were bored. They thought I was there to vote, as it was local council election day here today too. No idea who I voted for or why, but its compulsory like I said. The person with the funniest surname or haircut gets my vote.

One model who we spoke to a few times was Billy. He is my favourite, purely cause he is the hottest and a pretty nice guy. The gay model on the show said a piece to camera stating that Billy is what every gay man wants. Well, wouldnt say every gay man, but this guy is quite the goods. The goods? Cant say I have used the term before. Delete.

Billy asked me to mind his shoes for him. So I took a photo of the shoebox and my hand. Shoe bitch is me.

We also crossed the harbour bridge a hell of a lot today. The windows were down too cause….. IT WAS OUR FIRST HOT DAY TODAY!! And I spent it working, though at least a lot of it was outside.

The final part of my day was to pick up tapes from the mansion where all the models are living together in. Most reality shows do that these days. The sad thing about this situation was there was a fan base standing outside the residence calling out to the models. Once I left the house, I asked them if they were locals or not. Thank fuck they were. Not hinting it was sad that people from the other side of Sydney wouldnt stand outside the house wanting to catch a glimpse of some Australian reality TV stars. The girls attacked me with questions about the models and if I spoke to them. I said goodnight and then tripped over a bit and walked off casually.

Mum leaves tomorrow morning, as does my sister and law and my niece. It has been great seeing them all. And currently my head is feeling buggered so I will keep it there.


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