It has been brought to my attention that due to laziness and the fact I dont read through my blog entries sometimes before I post, I am pretty shit at grammar. I remember the days back in primary school where I came first in “language” as we called it. Maybe it is cause we also rely way too much on spell check and the green underline on Word that informs us that our sentence does not make sense. So, I shall try and make myself speak in a manner that reflects my intellect, as opposed to sometimes sounding like a less intelligent person.

The launch of the exhibition was last night. Was SO much fun! There were camels, celebrities* and awesome food and drinks. Was a great team bonding exercise too. And I got to wear a black tie getup, first time ever, and I think I like wearing suits more these days. So pumped to work on this exhibition, I am loving my job there. The people especially. See the below photo of Kitty and I, as well as some hired Egyptians**

I am sure you have seen those guys who come up to cars at traffic lights and offer to wash their windows. Well I was walking across the street yesterday and a guy came running out once the cars had stopped, with a yo ho diablo. Remember them? And he began performing for the cars. I dont know what he expected them to do, throw money at him? It was all just a bit awkward cause the people in the cars just ignored him while he spun the diablo thing under his legs and then around his back. I kept walking.

I had two American friends stay with me for the past week and it was great to have them. They loved Melbourne and already beginning to enjoy seeing others discover this city for the first time and tell them places to check out. The only awkward thing was when they had to use bathroom during night which is through my room, and the quiet trickle coming from the bathroom at 4am. Moving on.

I had a friend request on facebook the other day. Actually I get about 5 a day and NO idea who these people are. But my favourite has been an old man from the Southern states of USA, and he sent me a message asking to form a friendship if I was interested. All his photos were of him and guns. Maybe he can help me with the snail problem?

So back to work quickly, the beginning of the exhibition experience involves one of the staff saying a quick speech to a group of guests before they enter. I was doing it as a demo for groups, so the staff could see how to do it. One of the groups had several journalists and I turned the mic on and went “Welcome to Tutank. .. Tutmenahkem.. Tut.. Tutahamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”. NO idea what happened there but I screwed up his name, several times and its the bloody name of the exhibition. I laugh.. now.

I used to love when you could get out of Sport at school cause you had a note from parents cause you were sick or had an injury etc. It had SO much power.
“Get changed into your sports shoes!
“Nah, I dont have to”
“I have … a note!”

Wish you could do that with work now.

“Can you please take all these boxes down to the storeroom?”
“Nah I cant”
“Ah… why? Too heavy?
Nah, Mum wrote me a note”.

Now off to make Milo cookies and then the lovely Cyndi Lauper is performing in Melbourne tonight and since her first single came out a few weeks after I was born, we have a connection or some shit.

* Celebrities is a loose term. I saw a newsreader and a travel show host.
** Only dressed up guys from some gym.


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