Friday Goodness

It is Good Friday. We celebrate when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I find it fascinating that in this secular world (secular is a word used to describe non religious folk, or more specifically, non christians) that there is a still a holiday where pretty much EVERYTHING is closed for the day. And it becomes not a public holiday but more a public curfew… as you may as well stay inside. There are good things to this as you feel no guilt eating chocolate and watching bad movies. I played trivial pursuit with Nick, Matt and Kate, was a lot of fun and I lost. Turns out school gave me a false thought I knew stuff.

I saw my good mate Matt the other week, he was down with his partner. Both are such lovely guys who give such an amazing example of a couple. Sure they would have their challenges but they inspire me, they have been together for years, are now married and just seem just as much in love. I hung out with Matt and had drinks. He is an actor and he met up with a guy he knows who is also an actor, but one of the kind that blow smoke up their own ass. Matt really was not in the mood and was also drained from the whole experience. Have you ever been talking to someone you dont get along with and wish they were gone. Without thinking, Matt closed his eyes and squeezed them tight, and opened them, hoping this guy was gone. He wasnt, so he did it again, but no, still there. So it doesnt work for Matt, but I may try one day. Not like I have anyone I dislike..

Walked past two girls on a park bench on way to work. One was obviously listening in on the other girl’s mobile phone conversation, for support naturally. All I heard was the girl on the phone say “You were great when it was great, and that is the part that like, hurts”. Makes me wonder how many people are having a similar chat in parks all around earth. Especially with supportive people who are listening in. Like me, I am supportive. Support away.

I have come up with a cookie I like making, and so I have not attempted to make any other cookies now, just this one recipe. I made it up and so feel like I have my own fake grandmother recipe for amazing cookies that I must convert everyone til. But really, they go soggy within two days (not dripping wet soggy, as that is gross but just a bit more than chewy.) So really, not the best cookie but I appreciate the habit and the ingredients. What.. does that even mean?

Possum in park last night insisted it wanted to climb my leg but I did not allow it.

I was asked to wrap a box at work yesterday. I think I lucked out with the understanding how to wrap boxes. My attempt was this. Shit.

Lost my glasses, so have my backup pair. I find it screams that I like my lattes blacker than black. Even though I dont drink coffee.

Happy Easter. Hope the bunny gets you stuff. Even though how on earth a Bunny got linked into eggs I have no idea. Just like lions gel so well with Boxset DVDs and provide lots of happy adults all in one evening, the boxset they have dreamed about. Magic.


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