It is about 4 days til my birthday and you know, why not make it festival. Do everything I usually do but just know it is my birthday. Festivalised.

So to quickly catchup, had my sister and bro in law come down, was really enjoyable having them come and stay and show them a bit of Melbourne. Lou didnt like the random sculpture in the alleyway of the man who had hung himself. Come on Lou, it is art.

We had some nice strolls and visited my Uncle Phil down south in Elwood, and had a good old family day or two. I attempted to use my camera more, to express the moment but it failed… mainly cause Lou and Dean refused to have an autumn leaf fight for me. Come on, leaves down your back, they feel good after a while. Bonus if you get some flecks of dirt too, the cold and wet kind that sticks to leaves that have been laying there a while.

Dean, Me and Lou.

Easter came and went. As did ANZAC day, as did Kate and Williams wedding.

Went to a nature park with Nick, Matt and Kait. We did silly poses, cause we were the cool kids who had seen all these animals a hundred times. So we can even impersonate them. Talk to them and see how they are doing in 21st Century Australia.

I really just want to take a break, but how can you when you already are. I work three days a week and have four days off to myself. Gym is not happening, why? Cause.. there is some sort of reason. I am craving structure, like a bottle craves the sea. Bobbing up and down, sending a message to some lady.

I turn 27 and I have done the whole facebook invite out to a few friends and NO idea where to go for drinks or dinner. Melbourne has so many options there is the pressure to choose something good. Or should I just choose something fun and cheesy. No, Karaoke can be banned. Along with cook your own steak nights. Cause that is always a failure. Well I am sure I will find something and the night will come and go.

A kid walking through the exhibition said to his friend yesterday, “This King Tut guy is richer than I am, I dont like him now.”

I find cheap cornflakes taste just as good as the Kellogs ones. Even if it isnt real corn, but ground up bits of corn husk. Corn Husk is great for the finger nails I hear.

I didnt have any wine in my house, now I have three bottles. But when you live alone, you cant open a bottle unless committing to the whole thing. Oh wait, what am I doing even considering drinking a bottle to myself alone. Back peddle on that one.

So here is to another year. Live life like a movie.


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