Mother’s day and I am on the fence if I think it is a crap commercial venture or actually a day set aside to really appreciate mothers. Like we have Remembrance day for those who have sacrificed their lives and died fighting for freedom, so why not have one to remember mothers who have sacrificed nothing and lived their lives happily looking after us? My mum is somewhere in Australia in a caravan with her partner, and she called me for my birthday yesterday, so we have chatted I reckon. Though I do miss making crap mother’s day cards… Cause they were works of art and placed on the fridge or the “good” cabinet in the living room amongst the Chilean pottery houses.

6 years today, since my Dad found out that my Mum was having an affair with another woman. It was on Mother’s day, the morning after my 21st. I now say that with no way near as much hurt inside. Everyone is on such a happier page and grown for the better. Living lives that reflect what they need.

OK I feel cheesy when I go too deep on here.

My birthday was great. Nice and simple with some friends for dinner and drinks. I find the older you get, the less expectation you have.

The following day I went for lunch with a friend, but a few hours beforehand I realised the only jeans that were NOT wet in the washing machine were the ones I wore for my birthday. Though these stank of cigarettes cause of the club I was in and I had to hang outside with my smoker mates. Anyways I decided I would try that trick of placing my jeans in the freezer, as this is mean to remove the smell from them. You may not have heard of this but people in jeans shops have told me numerous times that its better to place them in freezer and NOT wash them. I placed them in the freezer for two hours, just a note though, dont put them straight on after the freezer. Tad cold. They still stank of smoke and now slightly of frozen food goods. I began strolling down the street, slightly uncomfortable as the backs of my jeans kept touching my leg, and the cool jeans just did not suit Melbourne Autumn. As I got closer to the lunch venue, I placed my hand inside my pocket, there were about 10 frozen peas in my pocket, half defrosted and stuck to my reading glasses.. Yeah, damn Jeans people I am never listening to you again.

I want to place a picture up. It is one given to me by a friend, it really made me laugh and was given to me for my birthday. Presenting… the people he believes he was inviting to my birthday. Including him of course!



  1. You must be a taurus. The best earth sign ever. not as money obsessed as virgo and way more laid back than capricorn. I'm sorry tu ' hear' (read) about your mom and her …choices. A technique I find very therapeutic is sending love to yourself in the past, when you were troubled. It may only help an alternate reality version of you, but its a good start :). hope your enjoying melbourne…despite the weird cold weather. I moved here In 2005, and it was way hotter. 18 degree day tomorrow woohoo . Take care

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