Couches and Commitment

Walking down the street you just know you are walking on the ghosts of cobblestones. The fog was literally rolling through and the air was quiet. A small child walked out down his driveway carrying his dad’s fishing rod and placed it beside the car. The street was wide and bordered by big trees all the way down. I had left the museum behind and walked down looking at each building. And each building had obvious signs of being older than the standard house where I grew up. I spent the weekend in Beechworth, a beautiful old Aussie town that used to be one of the capitals of the Gold Rush in the 1800’s. Also home to the infamous Ned Kelly gang. I stood in the courthouse in the accused box (or whatever it is called) where Ned was sentenced to death. I just find it amazing that it is all still there, history to us in Australia is so fascinating as we are so young as a country. So even if something is from 1860, it is OLD. Like, wow how come it hasn’t disintegrated or been sold at a garage sale accidentally?

The weekend there was literally a breath of fresh air, to just reassess. I decided over that weekend that one of my jobs was not fitting in. So I took a deep breath and let it go. Life is too short.

On the weekend, I also caved and decided to do one of those “Ye olde photos”. It was actually quite amusing and the lady taking them I am pretty sure only bought the photo printer and camera a few days earlier. Bless her for being such an entrepreneur on top of her antique store. She charged enough…  In the end the end result was this photo. Pretty sure this is serious face. The metal armour I had on isn’t even in the shot, so I believe it was there to help get me in the zone. It worked.

My friend Marissa and I were chatting and she is putting off buying a couch. She believes that it is one of the major steps to becoming an adult. As it is so permanent and bulky. It is bigger than getting married. These are some of the truths about couches. That and the simple reality that all couches end up on a street corner, you kinda hope all marriages do not. I then walked home from this discussion about couches to find one sitting outside my apartment block. Oh the Universe. What does this mean?? That no one wants this commitment of a couch anymore? Or did they simply upgrade to one that is feather filled? I inspected it and it wasn’t even that soiled. OK nope I cannot get it up the stairs, I am an adult and cannot take in 2nd hand couches anymore. Not even out of pity, along with the fact that I would be asked to remove the couch from the apartment later in the week. Pretty sure only two cats have slept on it since being in the street. But ahh well. At least I have a 2 cat standard, I wouldn’t take this one:







    • I frequented Engadisc in the mid 90’s yet the owner never hired anyone other than his Cobain loving daughter.

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