Bicycle Arms

I was walking down beside the river yesterday when I imagined that my bicycle had arms. As in arms protruding out of the handlebars. And they waved to people and if you fell over, they would shelter the fall. And if you were cycling next to someone, the hands on the bike next to you could either shake with yours or if it is a loved one’s bike, hold hands. It keeps you focussed on the task at hand of riding to your destination, you know? I have had a few paths on which to write recently, a few that could make a novel. With words and pages, and sentences. I would number the pages and then add a title. I may even have chapters with chapter headings that represent the next part of the novel, or they could be totally random inspirational quotes from past wisdom. A plot and characters would be added if the editor required, I am flexible.

I never want a job where people are demanding of me yet whatever you do for them, isn’t good enough. Or one tiny mistake is highlighted as opposed to the many tasks that were done so well. And I have that gut feeling that I am falling into that again. When I say again, yes I have had a job like that before. Whether I am just expecting others to be understanding and laid back, or maybe just human. I am talking in a sweeping way and it isn’t as simple as that I know. I just don’t think there is time in life to have that attitude. Keep it in perspective. Cal has been away for two weeks and gets home in a few days. As always the spray N wipe lady starts singing her song. This may sound odd to most of you, so I will simply let the following video explain what on earth I mean:

But in all seriousness, it sucks when he is away. He has become my best friend and the best support. Always laughing together, challenging each other and being total goons together. I read back on some posts in the past and just interesting where my head is at, at the time. And hey who knows where it will be in a few years time.

Ah crap, mums are starting to arrive at the café, their prams filling up any walking space. Probably my cue to shut the laptop and exchange money for my time here then leave. There are enough leggings in this place to be in an Olivia Newton John video clip. And I cannot believe I just used that as an analogy. Was that the proper use of the word analogy? Leave me with it, I may find out.


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