Rolling Pins and New Years

The one thing that most people usually try and do on NYE is juggle. That deep, inner instinct to satisfy the craving inside to be able to throw things in the air and skillfully catch them. “Things “being usually either balls or knives. Though for me when the instinct arose this year and I looked around for what I could practice juggling with, the only likely option other than knives (I am not up to that level yet) was a rolling pin. What is a rolling pin? Well you flatten out dough with it, whether its the same name elsewhere, here in Oz its the name provided. I have provided a sample image below, though the woman featured is no stand in for me. enior Lady with Rolling Pin

Continuing on with the story, I picked up the pin, and even though there was only one (I am not up to the stage of involving more than one object), I gingerly yet professionally threw it in the air. Naturally I caught it and tossed it lightly again and this time, gave it a little spin. My progression continued to get to that wow factor, I looked around as if someone was watching. The only thing that looked like it was watching was my almost dead Christmas tree called Rufus. And he had other things on his mind. In that moment when I looked away, my professionalism slipped. And I dropped the rolling pin onto the kitchen bench, where it then rolled off and onto my toe. Thats what you get when you dont use professional grade pins I guess.

Picking it up and placing it back on the bench next to my phone, I then noticed the new addition to my phone. massive cracks through it. The pin had smashed my phone. Sigh.

iphone 5 smashed

300 dollars later and a final admission of my phone was smashed, I decided not to juggle until next NYE.

May the next year be a year to remember.



  1. It seems like we all tend to become slightly more adventurous during new year’s day.

    I was experimenting (ok I’ll admit, I had a slight need for vanity, I simply want to change my FB profile photo) and took self portraits on my camera. Of course, I dressed up – good shoes, a nice white tee, slim pants and a jacket. A few shots later and I was becoming happy with the photos. So I decided to take my jacket off… raised my hand up in the air, a sudden thud, and the next thing I know is that I’ve nearly severed my ring finger and blood was gushing out. Yikes, not on new years day!
    I forgot that I had the ceiling fan running and this is the metal variety – only consolation was, I assessed the damage and decided I can self-heal it much like when I jammed the same ring finger in the hinge of a door while on a trip overseas.

    Rushed to the basin and washed it. Whoops, there are 3 cuts and it just missed what looked like a blood vessel. What to do? Hospital?! Nope, shower. I opened my drawer and found Dettol cream, applied that and using a band-aid (Cars design – yup, kid at heart), sealed the wound.

    On to my laptop and checked if Coles at Petrie was open. Yup, open till 6pm. Rushed there and bought more gauze and bandage with my slightly bleeding finger. Came back home with a packet of chips and carefully taped the cuts.

    And so my new year’s resolution was not to touch the metal ceiling fan while it is spinning or when I am spinning. 🙂

    • Ha ha. Thanks. Yeah it’s getting better.
      Im now reading January 2010 of your blog. I enjoyed reading the day it was raining. Rain minus thunder and lightning are the best.

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