Another job, another week.

I said farewell to my current role on Friday, and begin another chapter tomorrow. I feel pretty darn thankful for the opportunities I have and this is one of them.

Working in a theatre and being involved behind the scenes for the next six months will make me one happy man. Also a change of scenery, out of the CBD and by the coast instead. I better make the most of it, and also find a good coffee shop in the process.

Birthday also happens to be next week, though you really do get older and do really not care as much about making it something. My 7 year old self totally feels betrayed right now. I used to get really sad for my parents and my dogs as a kid, cause both seemed to have really lame birthdays. Even when I made a photo frame out of my old letterbox, it was an underwhelming gift to improve my Mum’s birthday. And making a peanut butter sandwich cake stack for my dog, just meant he was licking the roof of his mouth for the rest of the afternoon on his birthday, no real recognition. Silly dog… This golden retriever likes peanut butter though… It isn’t my one though, he is not with us anymore. And no, it wasn’t the peanut butter, I don’t think.

Now it is my turn to be fine with a dinner and a card that no money falls out of. Well until next year when it is my 30th and I am meant to have the best birthday ever right? Keep expectations high.

You know chairs, that you sit on? I discovered they dont always seem to work.

OK Sunday, lets have a relaxing day and do some writing for the big project. See where that takes me today. What are you gonna do, other than sit here?







  1. Happy Birthday! Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year with joy and you had made this world a better place. Make every day of your life and every candle count. Have a great day!

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