Mandarin Peel

Is it just me or did you hate mandarins as a kid? I used to hate them especially at school. Mums across the country and probably the world thought they were such a handy piece of fruit to add to a lunchbox. They were healthy, “yummy” and kids got to peel them which was a form of exercise,  no? So why did I hate them? Because citric acid in the eye bloody hurts. Kids would sneak up on each other, reach around in front of your face with a mandarin peel and squeeze it. ACID!! Hilarious. Please speak up if this didn’t happen to you as a child. Maybe I was one of the only ones to experience this. Wait, did I get bullied at school?


I moved house this weekend. And I say house, because I mean HOUSE. Not an apartment block that you share with 40 other people, who you either ignore or smile awkwardly to. The even better news is, that I didn’t break anything when I moved. Not even a backpack, or a basket of scissors. Impressive and smooth. I can add to this actually.  EVEN better than that is the move was across the street from my old place. How good is life. Had some awesome mates help carry everything across and now its the task of fitting all our stuff into an even larger space. It is missing a tree house though. Looking to see if this can be arranged.







  1. I didn’t like having mandarins because my fingers got all sticky and orange… we used to what you said with fresh peppers, which not only spray juice, they also stain with color! Yeah, it was awesome. Until we realized bees liked the smell, and we all freaked out. Oh, childhood

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