The moment a cloud covers the sun, and things go darker, it can be instantly hard to remember what it was like when the sun was there. The coolness rushes through, colour is less vivid, light changes. Then the sun comes back again, as fast as it left. Whether it brings with it welcomed warmth or pounding heat.


Those elastic exercise devices frighten me. I have images and scenarios that flash through my mind of the elastic and it’s plastic handle snapping back into my face. So I bought one. It hangs behind my door, allowing no excuse to not exercise. It moves in the breeze from the window, its happy fluro elastic waiting to stretch. Then those images arise again, elastic in the eye. And I walk out the door and go for a run. It helps me exercise.

I walked out of a cafe this morning. This poodle, a large poodle was sitting there in the sun, panting. It immediately looked me up and down, several times. It was judging me. It had to be. And this is another reason I dislike poodles.


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