Who We Were

I took the lid off the filing box and sifted through the papers bound up together. Amongst the pages was a sketch I had totally forgotten about. It was during a time I felt like I wanted to draw and express how I saw myself. This was at the peak of when I thought life was a loss and I was alone.

I stared at the image and welled up with tears. I felt for this man that looked back at me through the ink. I knew him well and wanted to just say it was going to be OK. He looked back at me crying, begging it all to stop. The fight was too much and the hatred coming towards him and from himself was just too much. The Christian world I was in brought so much fear that I was never going to be loved and I had no life ahead of me.

And then I thought about all those out there who feel this, right now. And I dont ever want to stop reminding and sharing that you are not alone.


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