On my way

I’m on my way to hang with someone and I feel I have that spark of hope. Not weighted on a person or this person even. But just to be in the present and believe in the future of being beside someone again. I have a lot to go, and lots to do that I want to do for me. But I can only thank my very humanistic heart. We are very resilient and it’s beautiful, with a sprinkle of ash. The burnt out remnants and a green little shoot is pushing through.

Headphones on, on a tram in Melbourne on a Friday evening. People relieved the week is theirs again, to do what they want. Not akin to work or obligations. More splashes of colour throughout the wardrobe. A few cheeky grins and laughs. And I smile to think this happens over the whole world, on a Friday evening. Whatever may come, it’s all about the potential.

I have a kitten called Keith. I haven’t written about him and he has commented on this a few times. I took him in as it sounded good. “I got a shelter kitten”. He doesn’t like to be used as a charity case, but he has an agenda too. All about attention, regardless of who it is from. He pretends to be stoic, even if he was born the day I moved home to Australia. But really he loves a cuddle and can’t be alone too long. I don’t believe he is vegetarian, but I will just nod and smile when he tells me this.


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