Day 208

My day starts at 6:15 am. Pulling out my earplugs, the meows get louder. I open my bedroom door, unstack the cushions against my door that have prevented my cat, Keith, from drumming on the door. I ignore cat, while I grind fresh coffee beans, add them to the drip coffee machine (I am the only one in Melbourne that has one of these, most likely). Brew coffee, pour and then sit on couch, staring at my phone.

An hour goes by, coffee gone and I feed the cat. I move my coffee table out of the way, unroll my gym mat and turn the fitness app on that streams to my TV. Thirty minutes later I am sweating and sore, I have a shower then heat up my breakfast. Usually an egg and vegetable bake that I made on Sunday for the week. After eating, I am on couch for another few hours. I play a colored jewel game on my iPad. The Golden Girls is a show I have only just begun watching, its on in the background giving comfort that the late 1980s seems to give people.

Enough time has gone by that I put my shoes on, mask on and keys in pocket. Walk out the door, tapping my watch to start tracking an outdoor walk. I see the sea, again. I see the shops, all shut up except those that offer take away food and coffee. My headphones block out the outside, I still remain muffled within my hoodie, pulled closely. My watch buzzes me to say I have hit my exercise goal and I walk home. I hang my mask up on the State of Liberty LEGO I made early in lockdown. I hang up my mask high, so Keith doesn’t find it and chew the elastic off. I have a graveyard of fabric masks with no elastics in a bowl beside Miss Liberty.

Glancing at the computer, I had written on my schedule that I was to write. But I pickup the playstation remote, I want to escape to ancient Greece and attack a Spartan fort. Then I say goodbye to the next four hours, I look outside. The sun tells me it is about 5pm, the remnants of my lunch still on the coffee table and my game remote still in hand. Another hour, and I will go for another walk. I conquered the region and killed the Spartans. Shoes back on, tapping my watch to track another walk. I know I will be well beyond my fitness goal today but I don’t increase the challenge. In case I have another day where I dont leave the couch. I cant count those.

More walkers now, everyone else who is finishing work. Those that have work. A lot more eye contact these days as people walk by, we all keep forgetting we cannot see the smiles or the knowing pressed lips beneath the masks. The sun begins to touch the sea, a reward for being here at this time. People sit in pairs, holding their phones to the sunset. Then I walk home, cat very loudly greeting me. Feed him, feed me. Now to watch three or four episodes of some drama show, the second last two in bed. I stack the cushions against the door, close it and say goodnight to Keith. Put my earplugs in, my meditation app on in the background and go find a dream or two.


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