Edwin, its Edwin here from 2021.

Hey Edwin, its Edwin. I am writing to you from Brisbane, Queensland. Thats in Australia. The rain is falling beside me, as I sit on a balcony looking at the wet frangipani tree, leaves open welcoming the rain. The leaves stretch out, embracing the sky. While the pure white and frosted yellow flowers nestle in amongst the green. What do I have to say to you today?

Well, your heart is mended. Thats one thing. Someone once told you, it takes twice as long as you are with someone to get over them. I thought this was crazy and some sort of numeric fact that should be assigned to a cake recipe, not your heart. And also probably the worst time to tell me this when my heart was breaking. Hey, it turns out it wasn’t the case for you. You were not a set of ingredients to be measured out in lots of love and pain. You always have some mending yes, when you are laying in the arms of someone else who seems to want to be there with you. And you wonder why. Time will show you why. Or even more so, you don’t need that person for you to know why. Because you are a spark, a force of joy and cheeky. You are giving and you dance in your own way.

You bring people in that like to dance in their own way too. And you can appreciate the other’s dance. You grin and clap, each step of the way. You have the eyes to see the invisible rhythm they move to. And love when they see your rhythm too. Whether it be in the rain or a heatwave.

So the chin you have, you keep up OK? You dance any moment you can and you also cry when it hits you. Dont swallow a cry. Thats the demons saying you should not. That it isn’t proper. A tear and a sob is a song in itself. You would never dare stifle a laugh song. Unless when you were back in church and your uncle farted right in front of you super loud. So never stifle what channels, what runs deep through you.

Love from Edwin in Brisbane, Australia. 2021.



  1. Your writing is one of many things that I look forward to. Thank you for being the first enlightenment of 2021 for me.

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